What is the Nurse Externship Program?

The Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Nurse Externship Program allows nursing students to work with a preceptor within the clinical setting. This helps develop their nursing skills and become more familiar with the hospital, staff, policies, and procedures outside of a classroom setting.  The interaction and experience gained by nurse externs on the floors with a preceptor will help foster a more hands-on learning approach, increase the student’s knowledge of skills, expose students to real-life scenarios/situations help them to be quick on their feet, and helps develop the clinical judgment needed in their future role in nursing.  Nurse externs also follow guidelines set by the Board of Nursing, which allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience and learn within their scope of practice.  

What are the benefits of being a Nurse Extern?

As a nurse extern at PMC, students can engage and collaborate with different staff members within the organization. Externs will be able to gain valuable knowledge from the staff to help them learn and grow in their future roles as nurses.  Being a nurse extern also provides the opportunity to improve and build upon their professional mannerisms, assisting students to become more confident in their communication skills and engaging with patients and their families during their time of need.  There are many other benefits to our nurse extern students, like the following: 

  • Externs will receive mentorship from current nurses at PMC
  • Externs will have the flexibility of working around class schedules. Both days and nights are available
  • Externs will gain work experience before graduation through real-life experiences
  • The Nurse Externship allows externs to see what area of expertise they enjoy and are interested in
  • The Nurse Externship helps externs develop nursing skills, critical thinking, and clinical judgment  
  • The Nurse Externship Program helps students build confidence

What do you need to qualify for Pikeville Medical Center’s Nurse Externship Program?

Before nursing students can join the Nurse Externship Program at Pikeville Medical Center, they must provide proof of the following. All students must be enrolled in an accredited RN program, and in good standing with their college/university.  Students must also be actively enrolled in or completed the Fundamentals of Nursing course AND clinical rotation.  Students must also submit their transcripts, a list of skills they’ve successfully completed, their Basic Life Support (BLS) card, and a copy of their high school diploma.  College transcripts and a list of skills successfully completed must also be submitted after each semester or term. This is to verify that each student is still in good standing in their respective nursing program.      

Becoming a nurse extern is the first step you can take in your nursing school career to set you apart heading into the healthcare field. You will be able to build on everything you will be learning inside the classroom on the floors of Pikeville Medical Center, making you ready for your nursing career after graduation. Nursing students interested in the Pikeville Medical Center Nurse Externship Program can apply as soon as their first semester in their respective nursing programs.  

“I would encourage students to apply as soon as possible. The experience and expertise will help them better understand the information they will learn throughout the nursing program.”

Laverne Thacker, BSN, RN, Staff Development Specialist over the Nurse Externship Program.

Students can apply for a nurse extern position at the PMCJobs website. First, search for the nurse extern position at PMCJobs.org. Then apply for either the nurse extern I (year one) or nurse extern II (year two) positions. Both are available! 

Have any questions about our Nurse Externship Program that we didn’t answer here? Contact Laverne Thacker today! 

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