In the heart of Eastern Kentucky, a long history of unwavering commitment, resilience, and compassion stand behind Pikeville Medical Center (PMC). As the region’s leading healthcare institution, PMC remains devoted to delivering quality care and service to patients. From specialized care to community support, PMC’s transformative impact on healthcare is evident. Despite its humble beginnings, PMC has an inspiring history and a longstanding dedication to its community.

Pikeville Medical Center’s Humble Beginnings

Originally known as Pikeville Methodist Hospital, this small 50-bed facility treated its first patient on December 25th, 1924. Pikeville Methodist Hospital was renowned for its compassionate care and dedication, growing alongside the town of Pikeville. By 1952, the hospital expanded its bed capacity to 135. Recognizing the unique healthcare challenges faced by the people of SE Kentucky, especially miners, PMC acquired and transformed a local mining hospital, now known as the Miners’ Building, the oldest section of PMC today.

Fulfilling Pikeville Medical Center’s Mission:

One of the biggest keys to success for PMC has been its strong connection with and care for the local community. Floods affected the region in the hospital’s early history, and PMC stood with the victims. Not only did it supply medical treatment to those affected, but it also provided shelter for those made homeless by the floods. PMC has consistently proven its unwavering support for the community in times of crisis. During the flood crisis in the summer of 2022, PMC held a flood relief telethon and raised over $100,000 to aid the victims. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PMC was pivotal in protecting the community from the virus. PMC has been a beacon of hope in times of crisis by supplying immunizations, access to care, and information. 

Upon realizing the lack of access to quality cancer treatment the people of Eastern Kentucky have, PMC established the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center in 1996. Since then, they have provided comprehensive cancer treatment to the region and are one of the few locations with access to that type of treatment.

PMC’s Collaboration and Accessibility:

PMC also collaborates with local schools, colleges, and community organizations to provide easier access to information about healthcare and to create a healthier future for the region. 

To better help the people of Eastern Kentucky, a historically poor region, PMC runs a Financial Assistance Policy that offers discounted or free care to low-income patients. This ensures that those most vulnerable in the community can still receive life-saving care. The hospital also provides transportation services for those facing challenges accessing healthcare facilities. By removing these barriers, PMC ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity for healthcare. 

The mission from the beginning has been to provide the residents of Eastern Kentucky with world-class care in a region where it may not be most accessible. PMC has strived to uphold this mission.

Today’s Story and Looking Towards the Future

PMC continuously strives for excellence in all aspects of its operations. Not only do they provide high-quality care to all its patients, but PMC also embraces innovation and research to stay one of the top leading healthcare institutions in the US.  PMC is also one of the leaders in job opportunities in the region.  By offering stable employment opportunities, PMC not only improves the lives of its employees but also contributes to the economic stability of Eastern Kentucky.

As the largest hospital in the region, PMC upholds a culture of faith, teamwork, and integrity, providing quality healthcare to its patients. PMC’s mission remains steadfast, aiming to lead healthcare innovation, advance the region’s well-being, and provide exceptional care in a Christian environment.

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