When we think about hospitals, we first think about doctors, nurses, and medical equipment. However, a new trend has emerged within hospitals everywhere – the emergence of in-house coffee shops. These bean-blending companies have set up shop in hospital lobbies offering visitors, patients, and medical staff a much-needed cup of comfort or a tasty treat to keep the day moving. Our in-house Starbucks coffee shop is a haven for patients, medical staff, and visitors.  

Hospitals can be overwhelming places that fill many of us with anxiety and dread. In an environment like this, a simple cup of coffee can melt these stressful feelings away and make even the most fearful visitors feel right at home. The cozy, relaxing ambiance of coffee shops can offer patients a temporary escape from the stress of medical procedures, but how, exactly, do we change lives through a simple cup of coffee? 

Hospitalization can affect a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Having a place where patients can share thoughts with fellow patients, families, or even sympathetic baristas, can foster a sense of community and comfort that is valuable during their complex healing journeys. By providing a platform for connection and communication, coffee shops can profoundly impact mental and emotional well-being, aiding in the healing process of the people we care for. It’s easy to serve a cup of coffee, but doing it with a smile and a few kind words can make all the difference in the healing of our patients. 

However, our on-site Starbucks isn’t just for patients and families; it also serves as a sanctuary for our hard-working medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other staff members often work long hours that are both mentally and physically taxing, especially when faced with high-pressure situations. The presence of a coffee shop right in the workplace ensures that our staff has convenient access to a much-needed caffeine boost, fostering alertness, focus, and overall job performance. It can also serve as a place where our medical professionals can quickly rest and rejuvenate in time to treat their next patient with the right amount of care and compassion. By supporting the well-being of our healthcare professionals through a quick cup of coffee, we can contribute to better patient care and outcomes. 

While coffee is often associated with its energizing properties, coffee shops in hospitals increasingly focus on promoting health and wellness. Pikeville Medical Center’s on-site coffee shop offers a variety of tasty treats – not just coffee – that everyone can enjoy, catering to each person’s specific dietary needs and restrictions. Our menu items have something for everyone to enjoy and relax with, providing healthy choices that commit to furthering the well-being of hospital patrons. 

Having a coffee shop not only enhances the traditional hospital experience, but we also have the potential to gain revenue that can be reinvested in medical initiatives. Whether through direct profits or partnerships with hospital foundations, our in-house shop contributes financially to patient care, medical research, and other vital programs. By supporting these initiatives, our coffee shop has become a key figure in generating positive change within the healthcare system, ultimately improving the lives of our patients and their families. 

At Pikeville Medical Center, we seek to provide the best care and support for our patients and their families, and sometimes, the best treatment they can receive is a hot cup of coffee served with kindness. By providing comfort and familiarity and generating revenue for medical initiatives, serving coffee outside the doctor’s office can potentially change or even save lives. The presence of our very own Starbucks is a testament to the belief that small moments of respite and connection can profoundly impact the healing journey. So, let’s raise a cup to those who brew hope one cup at a time. 

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