Grades 4-5 Project Based Learning

Objective:The project-based learning segment of the K-12 Initiative will provide 4th and 5th grade students with quality learning activities related to healthcare.

Stakeholders: Pike County School District and Pikeville Independent School District students in the 4th and 5th grades, teachers, administrators, PMC employees including healthcare professionals and post secondary partners.

Scope of Plan:

The plan would consist of two phases, with the first being a precursor to the main project, the #PMCInspires Healthcare Project Fair, which will be held at the PMC Workforce Innovation Center.

  • Initial phase – Regional 4th and 5th grade teachers will be invited to a workshop to discuss the #PMCInspires Healthcare Project Fair. Here, teachers will be provided with lessons aligned with Kentucky Core Content guidelines to instruct students on various healthcare careers. This will help guide them through the development of projects for the fair.
  • Final phase – The #PMCInspires Healthcare Project Fair will feature professional judging and prizes awarded to the winning students during an awards ceremony.


  • A teacher workshop will be held annually in November
  • #PMCInspires Healthcare Project Fair will be held annually in March.

Projected Outcomes: The Project-Based Learning Program is expected to achieve the
outcomes listed below.

  • Area 4th and 5th grade students will explore healthcare careers through core content-aligned lessons created by PMC and delivered by teachers..
  • All students will be given an opportunity to enter a project in the annual #PMCInspiresHealthcare Project Fair.
Click for info on Healthcare Project Fair (4th-5th)