Grades 6-8 Career Exploration

Objective: In the Career Exploration division, the PMC Workforce Development Team will work with 6th – 8th grade students in the region to introduce them to various healthcare careers. Students will be provided with opportunities to learn about and explore careers through exposure, hands-on activities, interacting with experts and understanding the pathway to each career opportunity.

Stakeholders: Pikeville Medical Center employees and healthcare professionals, regional middle schools and post secondary partners.

Scope of Plan: Through this initiative, middle school teachers from throughout the region will be provided with multiple opportunities to inspire student interest in a future healthcare career.


  • Information will be delivered to regional middle schools early in the school year.
  • Career Exploration activities will be scheduled from September through May each school year.
  • PMC Medical Academy participants will be selected twice a year in August and in January.

Projected Outcomes: The Project-Based Learning Program is expected to achieve the outcomes listed below.

  • Students will gain in-depth knowledge of healthcare careers.
  • An awareness will be generated of academic and career pathway opportunities.
  • A collaborative understanding will be established between Pikeville Medical Center, middle schools, postsecondary institutions and medical professionals throughout the region.


Available Opportunities

Middle School Career Fairs

The PMC Workforce Development team and PMC healthcare professionals are interested in participating in various middle school career fairs.

PMC will provide educational material on an assortment of healthcare careers as well as leaders in their respective medical medical fields in-person to talk with interested students.

At many of these events, PMC staff will be able to set up stations where students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning exercises related to the healthcare fields represented at that particular event.

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Challenger Learning Center

Pikeville Medical Center is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky in Hazard where students will participate in exciting STEM programs geared toward introducing them to various healthcare careers.

Participating middle school classes will be provided with project-based instructional materials and activities aligned with Kentucky science core content. Once the curriculum has been completed in the classroom, the students will take a memorable trip to the Challenger Learning Center, sponsored by PMC, where they will participate in the newest program titled, “Artemis-Mission ECHO (Exploring Community Healthcare

(Limited spots available)

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My Future Fridays

Pikeville Medical Center is collaborating with Big Sandy Community and Technical College to bring information about healthcare careers into the 8th grade classroom.

On Friday mornings, faculty from local colleges representing healthcare-related programs will visit students and allow them to participate in hands-on activities. PMC will work in conjunction with these visits and provide healthcare professionals who work in these particular fields to share their personal experiences with students. These fields could be nursing, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy, to name a few.

(Limited spots available)

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PMC Medical Academy

With this program, incoming 8th grade students and freshmen are eligible to apply for admission into the PMC Medical Academy. Selected students will participate in 10 sessions at Pikeville Medical Center where they will interact with and observe healthcare professionals in several different areas of specialty.

(Limited spots available)

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