Grades 9-12

Objective: The PMC Workforce Development Team will work with local high school and area technical center students in 9th – 12th grades to equip them with the knowledge, experience and tools to successfully pursue a career in healthcare. Students will be given opportunities to explore career options via hands-on activities facilitated by experienced healthcare professionals. This collaborative system will inform students of career and academic pathways, provide them with
employer engagement opportunities and offer support during their transition into post-secondary education or the workforce.

Stakeholders: Pike County School District, Pikeville Independent School District, teachers, administrators, area technical centers, PMC employees including healthcare professionals and post secondary partners.

Scope of Plan: PMC representatives will collaborate with local high schools, area technical centers and post-secondary schools to provide educational opportunities that will cultivate and foster student interest in healthcare careers.

Projected Outcomes:

  • Students will gain in-depth knowledge of selected healthcare careers.
  • Students will have exposure to various PMC departments through hospital tours, opportunities to volunteer and job shadowing experiences.
  • Students will develop a better understanding of available academic and career pathways as well as career opportunities at PMC.
  • Students will be informed of available part-time and summer employment opportunities.
  • Students will experience a smooth transition into post-secondary programs or the workforce.
  • Collaborations will be strengthened between PMC and area high schools, area technical centers and post-secondary institutions.


Opportunities For Grades 9-12

Healthcare Career Spotlights (Science Classes)

Through this experience, students will receive an in-depth introduction to selected medical careers available at Pikeville Medical Center. Healthcare Career Spotlight events feature hands-on learning experiences and detailed information including discussions about salary, pay rates, financial incentive packages and specific job duties.

Our goal is to host every 10th grade student in Pike County each school year. Schools are encouraged to schedule science classes to attend a Healthcare Career Spotlight at the Workforce Innovation Center at PMC. Students will complete a questionnaire ahead of time to identify careers of interest that will be featured at their particular event.

Healthcare Career Spotlight events will be scheduled on Thursdays September through May.

Click Here For info Or To Schedule Your Class For A Healthcare Career Spotlight

JAG Student Opportunities

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) KY students will be given opportunities to participate in mock interviews and activities that reinforce and refine skills needed for employment readiness. Instructors can schedule time with our staff, either at the Workforce Innovation Center or in the classroom at school.

JAG Instructors, Click Here To Schedule Student Visits.

PMC Medical Academy (Grade 9)

With this program, incoming 8th grade students and freshmen can apply for admission into the PMC Medical Academy. Selected students will participate in 10 sessions at Pikeville Medical Center where they will interact with and observe healthcare professionals in several different areas of specialty.

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Volunteer & Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Students beginning to think seriously about pursuing careers in healthcare have opportunities to gain valuable knowledge outside the classroom through PMC’s Volunteer to Careers program.

Students are eligible to volunteer at PMC at the age of 14, which offers a great way to gain exposure to different career options.

One aspect of the program allows students age 16 and above to “shadow” different positions at Pikeville Medical Center. This allows them to better understand the duties and responsibilities for various careers in healthcare.

Spending time as a volunteer at PMC can be valuable in many ways, including the examples listed below.

  • Volunteer hours can be counted as Community Service Hours.
  • Time spent as a PMC volunteer can also be beneficial when applying for college scholarships.
  • Exposure to a hospital setting can prepare students for a healthcare career.

Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Students can also consider getting a part-time job at Pikeville Medical Center beginning at the age of 14.
Depending on the location of open positions, students may be offered a job working in food service, the gift shop or Starbucks just to name a few. For more information, scan the code below to reach out to the Executive Director of Volunteer Services, Dana Bishop.

Click Here To apply as a volunteer or reach out to dana bishop

Mentorship / Career Advising Opportunities

The PMC Workforce Development Team is committed to not only educating high school students about careers in healthcare, but preparing them for the next steps in their journey.

Through this program, students can request to work one-on-one with a member of our team to take a deeper dive into the healthcare career they want to pursue.

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